Grebo has been growing with thousands of products in dozens of industries since 2003.

Grebo Automotive Inc. has and complies with IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, EN 3834 / EN 15085 integrated management systems, satisfies the customer requirements, and undertakes:

• To act in accordance with Company’s mission and vision,

• To understand the demands and expectations of customers, meet them appropriately, satisfy them and continuously improve,

• To fulfill the requirements of existing quality management systems, and certify, document and ensure continuous improvement in all operations where it performs service and management functions,

•To comply with national and international standards and regulations in the services and management opetations,

•To raise awareness of all employees on integrated quality management systems, by informing them about policies and practices,

•With the awareness that quality is a team work, to ensure that employee satisfaction, loyalty and motivation are kept high with training programs that continuously support the development of employees,

• To set the Company’s quality goals, review them periodically, and control them by corrective and preventive actions.

Grebo is aware that corporate information is extremely important both for itself and for its stakeholders. For this reason, it has established a living and constantly developing Information Security System that adheres to the requirements of ISO 27001.

•Grebo implements the Information Security Management System (ISMS) standard and has ensured and secured the existence, integrity, confidentiality and accessibility of all information in its asset inventory.

•By Information Security System, Grebo undertakes:

•To ensure process continuity and continuous improvement through risk analysis,

•To fully comply with the Law and the terms of contracts with third parties,

•To ensure that its own personnel are also a part of this system, and to maximize their active participation in ISMS, awareness and compliance with security requirements,

•To minimize breaches of information security and to turn the experience gained from such incidents into opportunities.

Grebo aims to prevent/minimize all kinds of accidents and losses that may occur by creating a healthy and safe working environment for administrative and field employees and visitors visiting the office and field for business purposes at all stages of its operations.

•In line with these objectives, .

•It creates a sustainable Occupational Health and Safety policy and ensures the necessary regulations in this direction..

•It ensures compliance with applicable labor laws and legal requirements for the operations carried out in Grebo..

•It provides the necessary updates by taking into account the changing and developing conditions in the activities, and primarily considers the opinions and suggestions of its employees in providing these updates..

•It takes protective and preventive actions to minimize the hazards that may occur during the installation activities for its employees and visitors..

•It identifies the risks related to Occupational Health and Safety hazards arising from the Company’s operations and outside the workplace, and determines the necessary actions to keep these risks under control by bringing them to acceptable levels..

•It periodically organizes the training activities necessary for the employees and visitors to adopt and implement.
•It conducts regular internal and external audits to ensure the continuity of the ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System. By periodically reviewing the determined KPIs (key performance indicators), it is committed to continuous improvement and thus to prevent near misses, injuries and occupational diseases..

Grebo is committed to complying with the requirements of applicable environmental legislation for manufacturing operations as well as to:

•Assessing the risks and using the opportunities for environmental processes,

•Ensuring compliance with applicable labor laws and legal requirements for the operations of Grebo,

•Ensuring the efficient use of natural resources,

•Evaluating fuel and raw material alternatives in order to prioritize the use of renewable energy resources in manufacturing operations,

Considering the expectations of the society and its stakeholders,
•Organizing training activities to increase environmental awareness of all employees,

•Contributing to the reduction of environmental pollution by reducing and separating internal waste,

•Continuous improvement of the environmental management system by setting objectives and conducting periodic reviews.

Grebo Automotive is a solution partner in the production of aluminum parts in the Automotive, Rail Systems and Energy Sector, We are aware that the most important factor that leads our company to success is our employees and our responsibility to our employees.
We adopt employee experience and happiness by following international Human Resources trends.
With our dynamic structure, we always offer the best to our teammates and support them in sustainability, and prioritize their development as a corporate culture, implement and update it.

In this direction, by prioritizing Human Resources awareness in our focus on process and management processes;

  • With the principles and responsibilities we have adopted, we increase awareness of Health and Safety executive, diversify our trainings, and protect our safety target in the field with personal protective equipment suitable for every process.
  • We are constantly improving mutual trust, understanding and cooperation between our teammates and the company management decision mechanism, with effective Communication and  Relationship Management.
  • Our company’s strategic plan and targets, we advance towards our targets by creating participatory and Learning Organizations that can adapt to changing world conditions and business systems.
  • Ensure that the performances of our teammates are used in the most efficient way, we form our teams with the Talent Recruitment model, taking into account the requirements of the job and individual talents.
  • We  are updating our Talent Management programs, which combine the competencies of the process and the talents and expectations of our teammates with the company’s targets, providing opportunities for their ambidextrous development
  • We create trends that will take care of the socio-economic balance of our teammates, with fair and balanced Pay Management models that have international applicability, and Flexible Fringe Benefits unique to our teams, by making the evaluation of the competencies and the job in objective condition
  • Grebo, always aim for development to be multifaceted. We are not content with supporting technical and professional development in our Education Management model, which started with our first cooperation. We create personalized plans for individual development targets. We are implementing renewed effective training programs in order to disseminate our competence development and quality understanding in all our teams
  • We know the importance of Employee Experience in the social communication and development activities of our teams. We create our strategies by involving all our teammates. We shape our smotivation and corporate loyalty culture with our Employee Wellbeing awareness, which we will need for our strategies
  • There are many dynamics to success in Grebo. We measure and program our Individual, Team, Process and Strategic Talent Performance Management
  • Throug our journey, we closely follow the achievements of our teammates through various functions. We look out for equal opportunity in promotions and appointments. With our Objectivity-based Career Management, we give priority to our teams. Career at Grebo is not one-way! We always support our teammates to reach their targets by creating special models within the scope of their interests and competencies.
  • Within the scope of our open door culture, we actively evaluate the opinions, thoughts and process improvement solutions of all our employees. We set up and finalize all Suggestions feasibility teams. We are improving our Rewarding activities in order to ensure the continuity of partnerships.


Grebo Automotive, we constantly review our policies, updating and improving them as needed, and we are committed to continuous improvement.

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