Grebo has been growing with thousands of products in dozens of industries since 2003.

Grebo Automotive uses high quality expectations as a basis for manufacturing, and regularly operates the quality control and assurance operations for the continuity of quality standards and the continuity of quality production.

The quality control and assurance team focuses on inputs and parameters and aims to produce quality by removing the process from the criteria of control and repair.

It is able to provide the right measurement methods and means to its customers by providing the quality control laboratories and equipment necessary to meet customer expectations in the production of aluminum and aluminum alloy materials in the industry. By using the SAP system in the control processes, it is ensured that the traceability is improved uninterruptedly in the quality control process.

It sees all actions and operations other than those adopted criteria as an element of improvement and aims to take necessary actions and increase customer satisfaction with periodic corrective and preventive actions.


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