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Stainless steel and aluminum materials are widely used in the automotive industry, especially in the production of bus products. Both materials have their own unique properties and advantages, making them suitable for different applications in the bus manufacturing process. Automotive products made of stainless and aluminum materials are extremely durable and resistant to external factors. They are resistant to public use and exposure to hard external factors, chemicals, making them a logical choice for the manufacture of bus products. If we are to diversify automotive products, different products such as vents, holding pipes, tailgates, wheel covers, wheelchair ramps, aluminum tanks, LCD screens are produced. As Grebo Otomotiv, we provide the highest quality manufacturing of these products.

Automotive products are generally manufactured from aluminum and stainless steel. Aluminum and stainless steel are popular materials in bus manufacturing, especially in technical equipment, passenger safety, and the manufacture of other exterior components. Products such as stainless steel and aluminum are very durable and comfortable materials for use in the manufacturing of automotive products. In addition to the selection of durable materials in the manufacturing of automotive products, its structure and functionality are also important. During the manufacturing stage, the continuation of the process is ensured by considering the special needs of the projects. The most important factor in the manufacturing of products is the characteristics and needs of the project.

The products manufactured for buses, one of the most common public transportation systems in the automotive sector, are divided into many different types. While these products can sometimes be an important part of the technical system of the bus, they can also be used as products that provide a comfortable and safe journey for the passengers.

If we mention about the types of these products in general;

Durable and high quality steel pipes are manufactured in different shapes and models used in public transportation. They are manufactured for different purposes as angular, flat, vertically mounted and horizontally mounted. In addition to being in different shapes, they can also vary in color. Grebo manufactures slot pipes, stainless pipes and steel pipes that can be used in public transportation vehicles.

The LCD screen frame is a common product used in the public transport industry, especially in modern and high-tech buses and trains. These screens are used to display information to passengers such as destination information, route maps and other important details. The manufacturing of LCD screen frames consists of several stages as design, prototyping and mass manufacturing.

The most common materials of grid vents used in the automotive industry are aluminum and stainless steel. Aluminum grid vents are light and easy to machine. It also offers a long life and durability. Stainless steel grid vents are preferred because of their corrosion resistance, ease of cleaning and long life.

Wheelchair ramps consist of a portable, foldable platform that can be used when needed. It is usually made of light and durable materials such as aluminum or steel. It is designed to be easy to use and store. Some ramps can also be operated manually or by an electrical system to facilitate use by people with disabilities. Wheelchair ramps used in buses are generally manufactured from metal and plastic materials such as aluminum railway parts, steel.


Bus tailgates, which can be used for luggage compartments or storage compartments, are an important part found in many types of buses, such as private company buses, intercity buses and tour buses. It is designed to provide safe and convenient storage for passengers’ suitcases, backpacks and other personal belongings. As well as bags and suitcases, some belongings can be carried easily thanks to the luggage.


Fuel and sandblasting tanks are essential components in trains and buses as they store the fuel needed to power the engines and maintain the air pressure needed for the braking systems, respectively. In the transportation industry, fuel and sandblasting tanks are usually made of aluminum or stainless steel. Aluminum fuel and sandblasting tanks are lightweight, durable and resistant to corrosion, making them ideal for use in the transport and transportation industry.

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