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Grebo both uses the welding fixtures, bonding fixtures and special carrier equipment that it has designed and manufactured in its own manufacturing area and provides manufacturing for the needs of its customers. Fixture products are a type of equipment used for welding fixtures, bonding, assembling, positioning in manufacturing areas in different sectors. In the manufacturing of equipment, which is called industrial manufacturing in the industrial sense, the equipment and system that enables the efficient manufacturing of complex and difficult vehicles, parts and apparatus is called as fixture. It enables practical, efficient and accurate manufacturing. Fixture products are critical in the manufacturing process as they help to achieve accurate and repeatable results, reducing the risk of errors and increasing production efficiency. Some of the most common fixture products used in manufacturing are clamps, jigs, vices and fixtures. Clamps are used to secure the work piece in place and prevent it from moving during the manufacturing process. Jigs are special fixtures that guide the cutting or shaping of the work piece and enable it to be cut or shaped to the correct specifications. Vises are used to hold and secure the work piece while drilling or cutting, and fixtures are used to hold the work piece in place during testing or inspection. Another fixture product used in manufacturing is the tool plate, which is a flat surface used to mount the work piece for machining. Tool plates are usually made of materials such as aluminum or steel and are designed to be durable and long lasting. They are used in a variety of applications including milling, drilling and grinding.


Fixture products are generally manufactured using a variety of techniques, including casting, forging, stamping and machining. The type of fixture and the materials from which it is made also determine the manufacturing process and techniques used. For example, the casting technique is often used to manufacture large, more complex fixtures, while the forging technique is used to produce fixtures that require high rigidity and durability. After fixture equipment is manufactured, it is often subjected to various tests to ensure it meets the required standards and needs. These tests include strength and endurance tests, as well as efficiency and quality tests. The fixture product is also checked for any defects or deviations from the desired features, and necessary corrections are made.


The development of technology has led to rapid manufacturing and increase in the number of manufacturing. For this reason, it has become impossible to measure the products manufactured with primitive and simple methods. In addition, equipment that will ensure to combine and measure the products manufactured in the manufacturing area with correct and sustainable methods are also manufactured. One of these manufactured equipment is fixtures. Fixtures eliminate some difficulties and workload to a great extent. Fixtures save time in repetitive work and shorten processing times. It greatly reduces the rate of assembly and measurement errors, which ensures quality production. It provides comfort and practicality for the manufacturing personnel.


Fixture products are basic equipment used in the manufacturing of a wide variety of products in many sectors. They are designed to hold, support and position the work piece and enable efficient and accurate manufacturing. Some of the most common fixture products are clamps, jigs, vices, and fixtures, and they are generally manufactured using a variety of techniques, including casting, forging, stamping, and machining. Fixture products are critical in the manufacturing process as they help provide consistent and repeatable results, reducing the risk of error and increasing manufacturing efficiency. If we give an example of the most used fixture types, these include welding fixture, spot fixture, control fixture, assembly fixture, measuring fixture, hydraulic fixture products. You can browse our page to examine our production process for aluminum rail system products and automotive products.

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