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Alumunium Carrying Handles

Luggage carrying handles are a practical and safe product designed to be mounted on the tailgates of buses. These handles ensure the safe transportation of luggage and speed up loading/unloading processes. Luggage carrying handles are made of very durable and long-lasting materials, so they withstand the weight of luggage loads and can be used for a long time. Luggage carrying handles contain a mechanism that prevents luggage from sliding into or out of the bus. This ensures that the luggage is securely held in place and not damaged. In addition, luggage carrying handles facilitate convenient lifting and unloading of luggage. Luggage carrying handles can be offered in different sizes and different capacities. The most suitable one can be selected according to the size of the bus, the weight of the luggage and other needs. In addition, the luggage carrying handles are produced in harmony with the appearance of the bus and offer an aesthetically seemlyhed. Luggage carrying handles are an easy, safe and practical solution for customers who need to carry luggage on bus travel. As Grebo Otomotiv, we provide the manufacturing of durable and long-lasting luggage carrying needed by bus companies, which are one of the important elements of the transport and transportation sector. Other types of slot railway handrail on the bus such as transport arms and products such as wheelchair ramp should also be stainless steel.


Luggage carrying handles on buses are a basic part used to secure luggage and make it easier to transport. They are made of high quality materials such as steel, aluminum or plastic and are designed to be strong and durable enough to support the weight of luggage. These handles are usually mounted on the roof or sides of the bus and are easily accessible by passengers. The manufacturing process of luggage carrying handles in buses starts with choosing the right raw material. While steel is a common choice due to its durability, long-life, comfort and durability, aluminum is preferred due to its lightness and corrosion resistant properties. Plastic material is also used for the handles, which are especially designed to be light and easy to carry.

Alumunium Flap Carrier, Wing Carrier

The next step in the manufacturing process of the carrying handles is the cutting of the raw material into the required shapes and sizes. This is done using the machines of the CNC system or other high precision cutting tools that can cut the material with great accuracy and precision. The material is then shaped using special tools and machines such as presses, stamping machines and rollers and bent into the desired shape. After the material is cut and shaped, it is time to assemble the handle. This includes welding metal parts together or using adhesive materials to bond plastic parts. The handles are then sanded and polished to remove any sharp edges or rough spots and give them a smooth, finished look. The handles are then subjected to various tests to ensure they meet the required standards and requirements. These tests include corrosion resistance tests as well as strength and durability tests to ensure the handles can withstand the hard conditions they are subjected to when carrying heavy luggage.


Luggage carrying handles are coated with a coat of paint or other protective coatings to help prevent rust and other forms of corrosion. This coating is applied using a spray or coil and the handles are dried in a special oven or other controlled conditions. Luggage handles on buses are key components designed to make it easy and convenient for passengers to carry their luggage. The manufacturing process includes selecting the raw material, cutting and shaping the material, assembling the handle, subjecting it to various tests and applying a protective coating. These handles are made from high quality materials such as steel, aluminum or plastic and are designed to be sturdy and durable, making them ideal for use in the tough and demanding conditions of the transportation industry.

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