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Handrail And Interior Handrail Production

Holding handrail made of steel or other materials are used in many vehicles, including buses, trains and other public transportation vehicles. They are manufactured to provide passengers with a solid and safe holding while traveling in vehicles. Stainless pipes and slot interior handrail also known as guardrails have important functions such as helping passengers maintain their balance while the bus is in motion, providing support for passengers entering or leaving the bus, and helping passengers who need to stand but have problems. The LCD screen frame and air conditioning unit, which must be present in rail systems, are also very important products in terms of production.


Stainless slot holding pipes are located on the side surfaces and ceilings and in the middle areas of public transportation vehicles, especially buses and inner-city trains. They are regularly mounted and fixed at certain points. It can be made of various non-corrosive materials such as steel, aluminum. Steel holding pipes are indispensable parts of the interior equipment of public transportation with their strong and durable structures. Stainless steel pipes are practical products in terms of maintenance and repair, as they offer many years of use. Slot pipes are an important safety product in public transportation vehicles as they can help prevent accidents and injuries. For example, holding pipes ensure a stable holding for passengers, helping to prevent them from slipping and falling. It also helps passengers keep their balance when the bus makes sharp turns or sudden stops. Slot pipes act as holding supports as passengers enter or exit the bus. It can be even more helpful for travelers with mobility issues, such as the elderly or the disabled. Holding pipes are an indispensable equipment for passengers in public transportation.


Durable and high quality steel pipes used in public transportation are manufactured in different shapes and models. They are manufactured for different purposes as angled, flat, vertically mounted and horizontally mounted. In addition to being in different shapes, they can also vary in color. Grebo manufactures slot pipes, stainless pipes and steel pipes that can be used in public transportation vehicles.


The holding pipes used in buses and rail systems must be maintained, and must be repaired or replaced as soon as possible in cases such as breakage and detachment. In addition to fitting and maintaining the stainless pipes in the right places, it is also important that passengers use the pipes correctly when traveling on the bus. For example, passengers must use the pipes to help keep their balance while the bus is in motion, and also to help stabilize themselves when getting on or off the bus. Passengers must also pay attention to other passengers and avoid blocking or blocking the use of pipes as this can create a tripping hazard. Public transport holding pipes manufactured with high quality and durable materials such as steel and stainless metals are one of the product groups most needed by companies in the public transport sector. We can state that these pipes arise from an important need and are functional as problem solving.


Public transport holding pipes are manufactured in buses, trains and other vehicles in a way that does not hinder passengers and in ergonomic dimensions. Holding pipes are also designed as disabled support pipes in the section reserved for disabled citizens in public transportation. The holding pipes designed as curved are bent with special machines. The surface of the pipes must be completely smooth and should not create visual pollution. Grebo manufactures stainless steel holding pipes suitable for all models of public transportation vehicles, ensuring that passengers are comfortable and safe. Holding pipes are manufactured in accordance with the interior equipment and design of the transportation vehicle from each model. Aluminum, iron, stainless steel holding pipes can be manufactured in different sizes and shapes and not only have a variety of models, but also differ in colors.

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